Tuff Tuff (SR / SVT)

Posted: February 18th, 2010 | Author: Mattias Hallqvist | Filed under: Work | No Comments »


This endless “game” is intended for small kids and is meant to be a travel-and-explore-experience. By putting passengers in the wagons different elements of the game environment will change.

  • Programming (AS3)
  • XML
  • The placement of all objects in the different worlds is controlled by rules set in an external XML. Based on those rules the placement is random meaning the game will look different each time.
  • Much effort has been put in using least number of graphic parts possible without the game ever feeling repetitive.
  • The sound was delivered by DinahMoe

Client: SR / SVT
Agency: Tewonder
Production period: Jan 2009 – May 2009
Developing time used: 160 h



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