Pimpifyer (MTV / Hitta.se)

Posted: February 18th, 2010 | Author: Mattias Hallqvist | Filed under: Work | No Comments »


A campaign promoting hitta.se and their “Gatubild” feature.
The user uploads a screenshot and the application automatically verifies and crops the image to fit. After adding graphic elements the user can upload their image to a database.

  • Programming (AS3)
  • The application features a bitmap comparing method that can search for patterns in an image. Since differences in pixels can occur between systems and from image compression, the method includes a tunable error margin.

Client: MTV
Agency: Tewonder
Production period: Oct 2009
Developing time used: 70 h



NOTE: Since the campaign hitta.se has changed the appearance of the “Gatubild” application. Therefore you need to download this example image to be able to try it out.

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